Film Animates Notes

This is an animated memo of thoughts from my journal resulting from contemplation about
our origins,
the dynamic growth of the material universe,
why there is something rather than nothing,
the great amount that humanity has learned which increases the mysteries of our existence,
the existence of a creature which contemplates such things,
how we have an actual effect upon our development by choosing to cooperate with or oppose the progress of creation toward a reality beyond our imaginations.

Herein are mere words making metaphorical suggestions, notes to consider as we rise above verbiage to the felt significance of this reality.

“On Creation” by Mark R. Turner from Mark R. Turner on Vimeo.


7 Responses

  1. Grace van Thillo

    Thank you, Mark and Donna. This is a beautiful and caring visual work to meditate on and with.

    • markart

      Thank you, Grace, for watching and meditating on these animated markings.

  2. Suzy Wilbur

    This is beautiful Mark! Thank you for sharing the wonders of God’s creative and loving hand. Currently experiencing some of His grandeur here in Agnew Meadows Campground, in the Mammoth area.

    Blessings upon you and Donna❤️🙏

    • markart

      Thank you, Suzy. With your recommendation, now I want to get up to Agnew Meadows! Drink in the goodness up there!

  3. Barry Turner

    Very nice visual and audio meditation. Can see some of the influence maybe of your reading in Teilhard de Chardin. Truly all an amazing mystery.

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